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Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (BATCM) is a administrative organization to be in charge of comprehensive affairs of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) of Beijing municipality. In detail, it is responsible for implementing in full the state laws, by-laws, regulations and policies on TCM, integration of TCM and western medicine (WM) and different ethnic medicines, drafting and carrying out the related localby-laws, municipal regulations, coordinating the distribution and arrangement of TCM resources, drawing up the general development plan and the objectives to be required to achieve, participating the drafting of promotion policy on traditional Chinese pharmaceutical industries,succeeding and promoting TCM culture and preserving endangered diagnostic, therapeutic and medicinal processing techniques, organizing the researching, conserving and exploring project on TCM and ethnic medicines, examining and approving the related medical establishment qualification, supervising the clinical service, and the service of prevention,health care, rehabilitation, nursing and clinical medication, executing the practitioner qualification license institution, organizing the TCM aid in public health emergency, guiding and supervising the TCM service of rural area and residential communities, drafting the science and technology development plan of TCM, producing the plan of financial arrangement for the related research institutions, drafting and carry out the talents education plan including post-graduation training, employee continuing education andmaster family-training in conjunction with other relating departments, andorganizing and launching the programs of exchange,cooperation,promotion and spreding internationally.   

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Address:Beijing city Xicheng District Zaolin Street No. 70
E-mail: webmaster@bjhb.gov.cn

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