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Changping Chinese Medicine Hospital Innovates Service: Delivery Service of TCM Decoction
Date:November 10th, 2017     Source:
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To facilitate the office workers, the elder patients and patients from other places, Changping Chinese Medicine Hospital took the lead to provide “delivery service of TCM Decoction" convenience services to shorten the waiting time of taking medicine and reduce the convenience for patients to go to the hospital to pick up drugs. This service is one of the measures to deepen medical reform, benefit the people and benefit the people and improve medical services.

Changping District Hospital of Chinese Medicine is a hospital with great advantages in TCM diagnosis and treatment. Many patients visited this hospital for its extracted and trustworthy Chinese herbs. However, the customized Chinese herbal soup can only be blended at present and costs quite a long time to wait. Patients who rush to work may not have much time to pick it up, and those heavy herbal packets might be too heavy to be carried by the elder patients who are feeble and weak. In order to be solve these problems, with the great support by leadership of the hospital, the hospital cooperated with China Post logistics company (EMS), to provide EMS delivery service of TCM decoction in the registration hall on 6th November.

The entire procedures, from prescription by the doctor to receipt of drugs by the patient, has been examined and confirmed step by step, to ensure the medication safety of patients. Logistics companies set up a special station in the hospital and appointed professional service personnel, who received training about relevant knowledge. It also arranged special working staff in charge of ,the transportation of pills and decoction, to ensure the efficiency of transportation and security of production. The delivery service facilitates the patients and reduces long wait for picking up the drugs. It also improves the patient's medical treatment experience and satisfaction, which make doctor-patient relationship more harmonious and also enhance the integrate service capabilities of the hospital.

To deepen the simultaneous progress of the medical and health reform, and implement the spirit of the "Action Plan for Further Improving Medical Services" issued by the National Committee of Health and Family Planning and the State Administration of Chinese Medicine, Changping District Chinese Medicine Hospital dedicated to its position and also took account of what the patients demand to improve the people's medical treatment experience. It adopted great practice of the Party’s aim of serving the people wholeheartedly to provide better services for patients.

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