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Hundreds of Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors Participated in Visit Financial Street Serial Activity in Xicheng District
Date:November 20th, 2017     Source:

Beijing Xicheng District TCM Preventive Treatment and Health Promotion Project - Hundreds of TCM Doctors Visit Financial Street Serial Activity was held on 10th November. Leaders from Beijing Municipal Administration of Chinese Medicine, Xicheng District Committee of Health and Family Planning, Financial Street Chamber of Commerce presented in the meeting. There were over 150 people participating, including chief dean and chief medical officer from 7 hospitals in the district and key team members and persons in charge of TCM from 10 TCM Preventive Treatment Teams and representatives from various financial groups in the Financial Street. In the meeting, 10 TCM preventive teams were received authorized plates.

Beijing TCM Preventive Treatment and Health Promotion Project is one of Beijing Governmental Projects to serve the people. As one of the seven pioneer districts, Xicheng District built 10 TCM Preventive Treatment Service Teams including diabetes team, hypertension team, psychological intervention team, dietary adjustment team and medical combination group. The medical combination group consists of COPD, cervical spondylosis, knee joint and shoulder pain. These service teams will take measures of exercise intervention, lifestyle intervention to provide long-term health education, physical conditioning, health management and the efficiency and effectiveness promotion of preventive treatment. The movement will transfer the medical treatment focus from disease treatment to disease prevention and integrate the prevention and treatment, therefore to, improve preventive treatment patients’ overall health index. The project will gain extensive publicity for TCM with the help of the Financial Street Chamber of Commerce, and comprehensively promote the health attainment of high-end class. Residents can scan the QR code to join preventive treatment team and receive relevant guidance and services.

Person in charge of this project from Beijing Municipal Administration of Chinese Medicine highlighted that, we should uphold the concept of TCM preventive treatment in medical service, spread the idea to let more people understand it, and provide better service for the people in the district. After the initiative, experts participating the meeting had a lecture at the title of Experts Health Lecture Hall. And then, experts from each hospital and preventive treatment teams provided volunteer consultation service.

Xicheng District will take this event as an opportunity to actively carry out relevant activities such as TCM experts volunteer consultation, health management of chronic diseases patients, TCM promotion and TCM appropriate technology promotion. After the project, Xicheng District Committee of Health and Family Planning will further improve the systematic construction of preventive treatment centers, preventive treatment department and wards in the medical institutions, to strengthen the information platform construction and communication, and to promote the classification diagnosis and treatment.

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