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Beijing Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Analgesia Forum - Acupuncture and Cerebral Protection during Perioperative Period Academic Seminar Was Held in Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital
Date:November 20th, 2017     Source:

Beijing Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Analgesia Forum - Acupuncture and Cerebral Protection during Perioperative Period Academic Seminar was co-hosted by Department of Anesthesiology of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital and Beijing Acupuncture and Analgesia Academic Committee of Integrated Traditional Chinese and West Medicine on 18th November. Liu Qingquan, Director of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, Xu Qingquan, Deputy Director of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, Li Bin, Assistant Director and Director of Acupuncture Department of the Hospital, a number of well-known experts in TCM and anesthesia and more than 100 fellows attended the conference.

Ding Lingling, Director of Anesthesiology Department of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital chaired the meeting. Director Liu Qingquan pointed out in his speech that, the history of traditional Chinese medicine and anesthesiology is profound and can be traced back to more than a thousand years ago when Huatuo invented "Mafei Powder" to help patients feel painless during surgery. The invention has an outstanding contribution to medical science in the world. Surgical treatment occupies an important position in traditional Chinese medicine, which has more than a thousand years history. The development of Surgical Department of Chinese medicine is inseparable from the Anesthesiology Department. If TCM advantage could be fully played in perioperative period, it will bring better clinical efficacy.

Associate Professor Wang Baoguo, Deputy Director of Sanbo Brain Hospital of Capital University of Medical Sciences made a lecture under a title of Progress in Perioperative Period Brain Protection Research, which illustrated the clinical significance of perioperative period brain protection, a variety of mechanisms of perioperative period brain damage and research progress of brain protection. Liang Hansheng, Deputy Chief Physician of Peking University People's Hospital deputy chief physician lectured under the title of Research Progress in Early Rehabilitation Role of Acupuncture on Patients under Perioperative Period, and pointed out that ERAS brings new opportunities for acupuncture and the irreplaceable role of acupuncture for accelerating surgery rehabilitation in western medicine. Professor Liu Cunzhi of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital reported on the topic of Protection Function of Acupuncture in Brain Protection and Its Mechanism, and put forward the thinking on acupuncture treatment of encephalopathy, acupuncture regulation of the corresponding organs, pretreatment, function of acupuncture in the early stage, and the possibility of regarding acupuncture as an auxiliary for perioperative period brain protection. Professor Xu Zhipeng of PLA General Hospital lectured on the topic of Postoperative Cognitive Inflammation-relevant Mechanism and Anti-inflammatory Strategy under Perioperative Period. He believed that the pathological mechanism of POCD is closely related to central inflammation. During his lecture, he summarized the clinical diagnosis and risk factors of POCD and suggested that central inflammation is an important factor in impairing cognitive function, he also highlighted that multi-section and multi-mode anti-inflammatory strategy can effectively control the central inflammatory reaction. Professor Wang Linpeng from Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital lectured on Relative Studies on Acupuncture Anesthesiology and Brain Protection. He introduced a series of clinical study and mechanistic study on acupuncture-assisted anesthesia and acupuncture analgesia on the basis of his considerable clinical experience and documentary materials. His literature review of acupuncture on brain protection mechanisms also broadened people’s horizon. The reports by all participating experts were very vivid and attractive, which provided a new idea for perioperative period brain protection and better assistance to improve the quality of clinical anesthesia and maintain the safety of patients under perioperative period.

Director Ding Lingling made a closing speech in the seminar, Ding said that, although the meeting time is very short, everyone has a better understanding with each other and the friendship and self-promotion have been enhanced. Based on the thought of valuing Chinese and Western medicine the same, Anesthesiology Department of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital would like to have more multi-departmental cooperation and development with other departments, to work together in the clinical field and to communicate and exchange in theoretical studies. After investigation and exploration, we will find an anesthesiology management road with characteristics.

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