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Beijing Health Vocational College Held the First Briefing of Learn and Implementation of the 19th Party Congress Spirit
Date:November 20th, 2017     Source:

To better study and implement the spirit of the 19th Congress, in accordance with the work requirements of Beijing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Committee of Health and Family Planning and the work arrangement of the Party Committee of the College, Beijing Health Vocational College held the first briefing of learn and implementation of the 19th Congress spirit on 17th November. Huang Weichun, Secretary of the college party committee made a study report in the briefing. More than 530 people, including college leadership and working staff, participated in the meeting. The briefing was hosted by Director of Party Committee Ren Jiye.

Dong Weichun made an illustration from eight parts, including the theme and main achievements of the 19th Congress, great significance and rich connotation of Xi Jinping socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the historic achievements and historic changes of the past five years, the transform of major social conflicts in our country, the strategic deployment of two century goals, the major strategic deployment for China's economic and social development and the unswerving promotion of a comprehensive and strict party rule.

He highlighted that, the 19th Congress is a great meeting to keep in mind the beginning, the mission and hold high the banner and forge ahead in unity. The congress has landmark and milestone significance in the Party's and China's history. Dong expressed his hope that all party branches and departments in the entire hospital should arrange and implement the learning and publicity of the spirit of the 19th congress spirit in every working tasks in accordance with the work plan of 6+1 coverage. All staff and workers should further deepen their understanding of the spirit essence and political measures so as to effectively and thoroughly understand it, and arm their minds with new ideas according to practical works. They should build the futures with new achievements, apply the theoretical knowledge to the practice, establish confidence and make concerted efforts to jointly promote the reform and development of the college to create a better future.

All participates said that they will continue to learn from the 19th congress report with self-responsibilities, to understand better of the bountiful contents and unify thinking and actions with the spirit of the 19th Congress. Everyone will work hard in their own posts to contribute in the college development under the behavior guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era by keep in mind why they start and their missions.

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