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Huguosi Hospital of Chinese Medicine of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Continues to Carry Out Hidden Danger Examination
Date:November 28th, 2017     Source:

Huguosi Hospital of Chinese Medicine of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine held a deployment meeting of Examining Major Security Hidden Dangers Action Plan, on 23rd November 2017. Jiao Jianping, President of the hospital in charge of logistics and security officers from all departments participated in the meeting. In the meeting, it reported several security incidents happened recently, deployed the examination work of security hidden dangers and also defined each person’s responsible areas. The meeting highlighted that security work should adhere to basic principle of safety first, prevention as the priority” comprehensive management, strengthen and improve joint supervision and management mechanism by relevant departments, in order to have clear responsibility and better implementation to improve the security supervision and management level. Meanwhile, departmental security officers were appointed and a three-level management system was set up with hospital, security department and other departments as the main bodies. These movements enable security works in the hospital without blind spots by a people-oriented, responsibility-oriented and region-specified system.

Director of the hospital also made an important instruction on security works. Firstly, security matters. We should attach great importance to the security hidden danger examinations, by the establishment of departmental security staff to strengthen the civil defense. Secondly, to establish an examination SOP to normalize the work. Thirdly, to pay attention to the implementation of the system and ensure the full coverage without any blind spot. Fourthly, to establish an accountability mechanism, and make everyone in the hospital value the security issue.

To advance security work to promote production and strengthen examination and supervision, hospital leaders and staff at all levels attach great importance to work security to put safe production as the top priority of the hospital. The hospital aims to improve medical treatment, but also to provide patients a safe and comfortable medical treatment environment.

An Xuejun, Director of Xicheng District Committee of Health and Family Planning, Jin Qing, Deputy Director of the Committee, visited our hospital to have a supervision and inspection of security work on 26th November. They conducted an on-site inspection of the key venues of the hospital and provided deployment and guidance for hospital's security and safety work. The hospital said, it will actively follow its superior authority’s requirements, to rectify all kinds of potential safety dangers, dismantle illegal construction and illegal colored steel plate buildings, firmly establish the concept of safety production to ensure safety production.

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