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Beijing Municipal Administration of Chinese Medicine Held TCM Emergency Training Drill 2017
Date:November 24th, 2017     Source:




In order to further strengthen TCM health emergency work in the city, improve the emergency practice level and train TCM emergency team, Beijing Municipal Administration of Chinese Medicine held a Beijing TCM Emergency Training Drill 2017 at the Beijing Fire Education and Training Center on 15th November 2017. Nearly 200 people from 39 Chinese medical institutions in Beijing took part in the emergency training drill. Deputy Director Zhao Yuhai from Traditional Medical Affairs Department (Grassroots Health Department) of Beijing Municipal Administration of Chinese Medicine attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Comrade Lin Wenhui from Medical and Political Office participated in the training and exercise.

The theme of the emergency training drill is Fire Drills and First Aid. Training was arranged in the morning, and fire drills and field operations in the afternoon. Training in the morning consists of three parts, including the epidemic trend of HFMD and its prevention, introduction of national HFMD epidemic and EV71 vaccine immunization; fracture emergency and emergency treatment, emergency treatment of burn; fire knowledge training and fire emergency treatment. The practice in the afternoon consists of four parts: watch fire prevention videos, fire escape drill, the use of fire extinguishers practice, field drill of burn and fracture diagnosis and treatment by groups.

There were also assessment session, including written examination and the actual operation. Representative team from Guang’anmen Hospital of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine won the first prize after intense competitions. Huguosi Chinese Medicine Hospital and Beijing Massage Hospital won the second prize, while Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing Xuanwu Hospital of Chinese Medicine and Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing Hospital of Chinese Medicine won the third prize.

The training and drill were arranged tensely and orderly with rich contents and various types. Everyone participate actively with great enthusiasms. Simulation fire escape part was intensive, while simulation cases were representative. Through this training drill, TCM emergency personnel grasped the prevention and treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease, diagnosis and treatment procedure of burn and fracture, and became familiar with the fire emergency treatment. The emergency response capability of TCM emergency personnel has been effectively improved.

Since 2011, Beijing Municipal Administration of Chinese Medicine has organized medical and public health emergency drills for all TCM medical institutions in the city every year. It has been held for 7 times now, which trained a batch of TCM emergency personnel and established a TCM emergency team ready to work anytime. It has improved greatly emergency response capability to unexpected public health emergencies and emerging infectious diseases in medical institutions in Beijing.

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