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Beijing Municipal Administration of Chinese Medicine Held TCM Emergency Train... 2017-11-24
Huguosi Hospital of Chinese Medicine of Beijing University of Chinese Medicin... 2017-11-28
Beijing Health Vocational College Held the First Briefing of Learn and Implem... 2017-11-20
Director Tu Zhitao Briefed the Spirit of 19th Congress in Beijing Hospital of... 2017-11-20
Beijing Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Analgesia Forum - Acupuncture and Cerebr... 2017-11-20
Hundreds of Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors Participated in Visit Financ... 2017-11-20
European TCM Development and Promotion Center Expanded Cooperation Scope 2017-11-16
Changping Chinese Medicine Hospital Innovates Service: Delivery Service of TC... 2017-11-10
Urology Department of Dongzhimen Hospital (East District) Completed Flexible ... 2017-11-09
Xuanwu Hospital of Chinese Medicine Carried Out A Satisfaction Survey Pilot Work 2017-11-08
"Preventive Treatment of Serious Diseases, Protect Health of Aerospace Workers” 2017-11-06
Hospital Alliance Specializing in Anorectal Department Was Built in Xicheng D... 2017-11-03
Benevolent Homeland of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital Gave A Volunteer Tra... 2017-11-02
Beijing Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Platform Construction Seminar and Reh... 2017-11-01
2017 Beijing Foreign Language Festival Held Bilingual TCM Exhibition in Chaoy... 2017-11-01
TCM Culture in Foreign Culture Expo, Exotic! 2017-10-30
An European and American Doctor Delegation Visited Beijing Chinese Medicine H... 2017-10-29
Changping District Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Succes... 2017-09-30
Xuanwu Hospital of TCM Conducted the Safety Production and Fire-fighting Exer... 2017-09-30
Xuanwu Hospital of TCM Conducted the Large-scale Free Medical Consultation Ac... 2017-09-30

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